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Office Furniture Clearance

Office Furniture Clearance By Experts For A Smooth Transition

Office furniture clearance is a valuable service for landlords who are just saying goodbye to existing tenants, who are showing office space to prospective occupants or who are imminently expecting new tenants to move into their premises. No matter what your circumstances, you want your building to look its best. That’s the key to maintaining high occupancy rates, maximising your rental figures, gaining the best tenants, and therefore securing the best return on your investment. Professional companies offering office clearance London and beyond can also save you time and effort. Read on to find out more about what’s involved.

Office Clearance Does Not End With Office Furniture Removal

In general, good office furniture clearance UK wide involves having detailed procedures to dispose of all unwanted items, large or small, safely and in the appropriate way. Even the best tenants will leave something of themselves and their business behind them when they leave your premises. Any business move is complex and can be fraught with difficulty, and sometimes, movers simply run out of time. Alternatively, you may find your tenants are just careless or preoccupied – they move the things they know they’ll want in the future and leave the rest of the mess for you to sort out. Office furniture is generally built to last and can therefore be heavy and cumbersome. And the other trappings of the work environment can require special measures for safe disposal, whether that’s confidential documentation, IT and other electronic waste or even discarded food and beverage matter. Office furniture clearance services take all the stress out of your hands.

Office Clearance Services London Based Keep You Compliant With Legislation

Take unwanted IT equipment, as an example. There are regulations and legislation in place which applies to all UK businesses and places heavy penalties on them for non-compliance. The WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) Regulations, for instance, forbid businesses from sending any unwanted computer hardware to landfill. And the Data Protection Act imposes responsibilities in terms of the safe destruction of data, to prevent it getting into the wrong hands. So if your tenant has left behind obsolete computer equipment, it’s not just a matter of throwing it into a skip. It must first be safely wiped of any personal or private data that may be stored on it, and then the hardware must be recycled in an approved facility. If the goods have been abandoned by the owner on your premises, you’re responsible for ensuring compliance with the legislative framework, which can be costly and time-consuming. Responsible office clearance services London based, can lift that burden.

Fast, Efficient Office Furniture Clearance By Edward’s Furniture Solutions Ltd

If you have been left with unwanted items once your tenant has left your premises and need professional, comprehensive and legally compliant office furniture clearance, ask our team at Edward’s Furniture Solutions Ltd. We’ll visit your site and quickly, safely and effectively remove all waste from office furniture to confidential documents and IT waste. We have procedures in place to ensure you receive the correct certification, proving this has been done in a responsible manner. For more details of our office clearance and other services, see our website at  https://www.edwardsfs.co.uk and for a quote for our services, email ed@edwardsfs.co.uk or ring the team on 0208 168 8532.