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How Does An Office Clearance In London Work?

Whether your business is moving to new premises or you’re simply closing down your current workplace, there’s a lot of value in using the best professional services for office clearance London has to offer.

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    It’s a mistake to think that you can embark on clearing an office space, for whatever reason, by yourself. When you take into account the complexity of refurbishing a premises or relocating a business, you will benefit greatly from having a reliable and experienced service provider by your side.

    Do You Need An Office Clearance Service Provider?

    There are three main situations where office clearance services in London can prove invaluable. These include relocation of a business; permanent closure or shutdown; or a renovation, whether that’s a downsizing or an upgrade to the current one. There are even times when physical locations have to be given up entirely and replaced with virtual workspaces. Businesses are naturally very dynamic, and must constantly be able to adapt to shifts in the economy.

    The whole process of clearing and moving an office space is stressful and time-consuming. While it might seem like something your team can easily do alongside their day to day business, having professionals like Edward’s Furniture Solutions on board will make things a whole lot easier. With a structured approach to the task, clear discussions, and management of the process from start to finish, you won’t have to worry about dealing with the usual stresses that come with office clearance and movement.

    Office Clearance Planning

    Planning is a critical phase in any project, and that’s never more true than when it comes to an office clearance. If you are looking for a good London office clearance company, one of the key skills you should ask about is strategic planning of the move. Ample time should be dedicated to discussing the every aspect of the clearance process with you, from the bigger picture to the smallest detail. When planning the office clearance, it’s advisable to start by drawing up an inventory, even before you hire your professionals for the move. This inventory will give your professional movers insight into how long the project will take.

    The inventory will also help form the basis of the moving company’s quote for their services. With a full list of what’s to be moved and what left in situ, they will be able to give you an accurate quote for the project. Ideally, only the items to be moved should be left within the location of the clearance. If this is not possible, you should communicate clearly with the company about the items that must be kept and those that should be discarded.

    Like any other project, you should make the timeline clear right from the start. There are different considerations here, such as when the lease on the current space expires, the date items are due to be moved into the new offices and so on.

    Of course, you should also ask the company how many days are required for the office clearance company in London, considering the amount that needs to be moved, and give them time to prepare the required resources to get the project completed. It usually takes around one week to have a move effected efficiently and successfully.

    It is also very important to know where your waste goes. Before deciding to work with a company to handle the collection of your items and waste to clear out your office space, you should have a second look at everything owned and assess the usefulness of each.

    Some items might need recycling, while others can donated to charity shops, for instance. Of course, you should aim to be as ruthless as possible – keep too much and you’ll just end up with tons of clutter in your new workspace.

    A good clearance company will work with you as you go through this process, making suggestions and recommendations on what you can do to minimise the waste that ends up in landfill while also helping you to dispose safely of anything that no longer serves a purpose in your office space.

    Hiring The Right Clearance Company

    Anybody can go into business as a clearance company and offer their services to you. When it comes to which company to choose, it’s up to you to make the right decision.

    The responsibility for handling an office clearance in London is not just something you can hand to anyone. Your assets are valuable and you shouldn’t put them at risk by hiring an inexperienced company, or worse, one that hasn’t got its customers’ best interests in mind.

    how to hire an office clearance London-based professional

    Don’t just go for the cheapest quote – do some research first. While price is obviously important, it shouldn’t ever be the sole consideration.

    There are several other important factors to bear in mind when selecting a provider. First and foremost, you must determine whether or not the company you’re thinking of hiring will work in line with the UK’s legal requirements for waste disposal.

    Ask if they have a license to dispose of waste – this will help you steer clear of less than scrupulous businesses. These kinds of companies can cause you problems if they deposit your waste illegally.

    A legitimate, reputable clearance company will comply with all of the relevant environmental regulations.

    Another question to ask is about confidentiality and discretion. When clearing an office, the workers’ access won’t just be limited to equipment and furniture only. They may also be handling confidential documents and data. Professional individuals from a trusted company should be trained in the right ways of disposing this material. If this isn’t done, your company may be held liable and fined; or worse, prosecuted.

    To check all this and more, you should make time to source independent reviews left by past customers of the company you’re thinking of hiring. This helps ensure you put your project in the safe hands of a reliable team of professionals like Edward’s Furniture Solutions. When it comes to office clearance, it pays to go with the most trusted name on the market. Edward’s Furniture Solutions is here to take the burden of an office move, large or small, off your shoulders. We have a wealth of experience and expertise and can ensure your office clearance is carried out efficiently, legally and safely.

    We are fully certified to dispose of your waste properly, and will provide the relevant paperwork to confirm that your unwanted material and items have been disposed of safely in accordance with guidelines and the law. To find out more about our company, the services we offer and how we operate, feel free to browse our website today. You can also ask for a free assessment of your site for clearance by calling us on 0208 168 8532 or emailing

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    • What do removal companies pack?

      • Office clearance services in London will package and transfer office supplies, furniture and large equipment from offices, homes, and other locations. To ensure safe and secure transport of materials and equipment, the movers will use wrapping, boxes, tape and covers to protect your belongings while in transit. Generally speaking, movers are only held liable for items that they packed themselves.
    • How do you pack office supplies when moving?

      • Relocating to a new office may seem easy, but it entails careful and organised work to ensure safety and convenience. Here are some things to consider for the moving process:
        • Make sure that all important data has been backed up before the move.
        • Use lots of padding when putting away home electronics in boxes or packages.
        • Label all packaging accordingly.
    • Do moving companies take apart furniture?

      • Depending on the size and structure of the furniture, office supplies removal service companies may provide basic assembly or disassembly services free of charge. However, this varies from one mover to another. Ask the firm you’re hiring whether or not they provide this service.
    • How do you dismantle furniture?

      • Dismantling furniture can require expert attention from trained personnel of an office fixtures clearing firm. To make sure your furniture remains functional at the other end, all screws, bolts, nuts, dowels, and/ or washers must be stored safely so they aren’t misplaced during the move. Care must also be taken not to bend, scratch, break or otherwise damage furniture as it’s being taken apart.
    • What is the best way to protect furniture when moving?

      • Bubble wrap is good for delicate wood pieces while upholstered items are best covered in plastic wrap or specially designed plastic sofa covers. Corrugated cardboard sheets can be placed between items to stop them bumping together while in transit. Your workplace moving professional will advise on the best way to protect your furniture pieces.
    • Do moving companies disassemble furniture?

      • While most workplace equipment removal specialists offer furniture disassembly and reassembly services, there are certain items that most companies refuse to take apart. Among these are antiques, pool tables, and furniture pieces that are nailed or glued together. The time and skill required to handle work such as this is not within a moving company’s remit.
    • What should I look for in a professional moving company?

      • If you’re checking out office clearance companies in London and want to know which one is the right moving company for your project, make sure you factor in these aspects. The company you hire should:
        • Be recommended by people you trust.
        • Have good reviews and transparent rates.
        • Demonstrate a positive track record.
        • Be licensed and covered by insurance.
        • Match your requirements and needs.
    • How do you move heavy furniture?

      • There are several ways to move heavy furniture, and the safest ones involve specialist equipment like hand-trucks and dollies. However, it is best to leave this kind of job to London office clearance experts. You neither want to risk damaging your furniture pieces or hurting yourself or your staff in the process.
    • How do you relocate an office?

      • Relocating to a new office requires careful planning and execution. Here are some tips for a stress-free move:
        • Plan well in advance.
        • Research local moving companies.
        • Hire professionals in office clearance in West London.
        • Delegate tasks, especially when packing items.
        • Consider your IT infrastructures.
        • Comply with any building regulations.

    Reasons For Hiring A Clearance Service When Moving An Office

    There are several benefits and opportunities to be explored when moving a business to a new commercial location. Among these are having additional space for your team’s expansion; a more prestigious location and facilities to host clients; and a better working environment for your staff, increasing your team’s morale, productivity, and efficiency.

    However, for business continuity reasons, not to mention health and safety, such a move is not something you should leave to your staff or do on your own. You need to hire a London office furniture clearance specialist for the job.

    Using this type of service can bring the following benefits:

    • They offer expert advice and help.
    • They will take the stress off your shoulders.
    • You can avoid unnecessary risks.
    • They can help you maximise your time and restore business operations as soon as possible after the move.
    • They can help reduce overall costs.
    where to look for an office clearance London-based that operates 24/7

    Things To Consider When Relocating Or Closing Down Your Office Space

    Companies experience various milestones, both growth and setbacks. Whichever applies to your business, it’s essential to plan accordingly. If a move or the closure of an office space is inevitable, here are some things to consider to ensure a smooth transition:

    1. Always ensure that your data and company information is protected.
    2. Hire professional corporate clearing solutions to dispose of rubbish or broken furniture.
    3. Effective communication is key.
    4. Take note of all the legal risks of moving offices.

    It might seem that there’s a lot of ground to cover when planning a move from one office to another. However, putting this off will only cause you more trouble than convenience.

    To help you go through this transition with ease, ring Edward’s Furniture Solutions for a quote for your needs and move requirements.

    People To Notify When Moving An Office

    Moving into a new office requires careful planning and coordination across all departments to ensure every aspect is covered and handled properly. Aside from working with an office furniture clearance West London based, you will also need to ensure everyone directly and indirectly involved in the process is kept informed. These include:

    • Clients and customers.
    • Service providers, vendors, and government offices.
    • Banks and insurance firms.

    You also need to consider the following:

    • Change your voicemail.
    • Change signature lines on outgoing emails.
    • Request a new telephone number as soon as possible.
    • Update your website, post office information, and social media accounts.
    • Amend stationery and company literature.

    This ensures that no one is left out as you move to new premises.

    Relocating to a new office needn’t be as complicated as you think. Hiring a reputable office clearance firm such as Edward’s Furniture Solutions will put your mind at rest that the physical move will be as easy, safe, and convenient as possible. If you’re planning on relocating in the near future, or if you need help with making new space in your office or warehouse, give us a call today.



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