Office Furniture Clearance London To Meet Your Requirements

Office furniture clearance London services may be something you are looking for if you’re a facilities manager within a business faced with an office move; or perhaps a landlord clearing a newly-bought premises for your first tranche of tenants. Office clearance London based services will obviously remove any furniture from the premises, but they can also solve other headaches, such as the disposal of confidential waste. But what comes under this heading and why must it be disposed of correctly? In short, it usually includes any paper-based material that contains identifying personal data, such as names, addresses, contact information and/ or financial data.

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    What’s Hidden Away In Your Office Furniture?

    Open the drawers of any discarded desk or filing cabinet and it’s more than likely you’ll find paperwork left behind. This might include old quotations and invoices, memos or copies of letters. There may be bank statements, payslips or even application forms from prospective employees. All these might have information on them that falls under the Data Protection Act. Under that act, there are heavy penalties for disposing or discarding of this information incorrectly, as that might put the individuals named at risk of ‘unauthorized or unlawful processing of personal data’. That includes issues such as identity theft. It’s vital that any sensitive data of this nature is destroyed securely, or you could face a fine of up to £500,000. To prevent this, you need a professional and reliable office furniture clearance London based service.

    Secure And Certified Office Clearance By Edward’s Furniture Solutions Ltd

    Here at Edward’s Furniture Solutions Ltd, we offer you the peace of mind of knowing that any redundant confidential information identified during your office furniture clearance London project is destroyed appropriately. Certified to dispose of such waste by the relevant authorities, we offer traceability throughout the destruction process to ensure you don’t fall foul of the legislation. We also work to fulfill your requirements while minimizing disruption to your business as far as possible, which means evening and weekend working when necessary. We’re always happy to offer a free site survey for any of our services. Just give us a call on 0208 168 8532, email us at, or complete the online contact form here on our website at



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